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Snap On Smile

sos logo pms 2767 298Snap On Smile can give you the gorgeous smile you have always wanted in a snap. Unlike other dental procedures, this one requires no shots, no drilling and no invasive procedures. The entire process can be done in two dental visits, and you will be able to choose everything about your new look from the color and shape to the style and size. Our Los Angeles Snap On Smile dentist can help you decide if Snap On Smile is right for you.

What Is It?

Other types of restorations require permanent alterations to the natural tooth structure, but Snap On Smile fits right over your natural teeth. The patented design is noninvasive, completely reversible. It snaps into place over your own teeth without covering your gums or your palate for a comfortable, natural-looking solution to many different cosmetic problems. Snap On Smile is made of a special proprietary state-of-the-art dental resin that looks much like natural dental enamel, but can be made thin without sacrificing strength. This allows it to fit over your teeth without reducing them. Our expert in Snap On Smile in Los Angeles can fit you for your new look in just two quick visits.

snap on smile before and after

Process and Benefits

Our Los Angeles Snap On Smile dentist may determine that you are a candidate for Snap On Smile if you have chips, gaps, stains, slightly crooked teeth, worn enamel, or even missing teeth. At your appointment, you will get to choose your new look, and we will take a dental impression. We use the impression to create your new Snap On Smile. The thin resin is made in the shape and color you have chosen, and when it is returned to our office, you will try it on to ensure it is exactly what you want.

Snap On Smiles can be great options for those who are not candidates for bridges or implants, and for those who do not want or cannot have certain other cosmetic procedures. They can be a good choice for patients who want to avoid complex or expensive cosmetic procedures and for those who would like more comfortable alternatives to old-fashioned or uncomfortable partial dentures.

You can eat, talk, laugh, and smile with your new Snap On Smile in place, and you can wear it as often or as little as you want. Call us today to learn more or to schedule an appointment with our expert in Snap On Smile in Los Angeles.