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Teeth Whitening

teeth whitening los angeles copyYour smile is one of your most recognizable features, and keeping your teeth white, bright, and healthy is one of the best ways to keep your smile ready to share. Unfortunately, over time, it can become yellow, dingy, or dull. This is a common problem. In fact, one survey by the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry found that most people wanted whiter teeth, and about nine out of 10 people request teeth whitening from their dentists. We can help you find an experienced Los Angeles teeth whitening dentist who can roll back the hands of time on your smile and give you the bright, sparkling teeth of your youth.

Teeth can become stained for a lot of reasons, including:
· Diet
Coffee, tea, red wine, berries, curries, soft drinks, and energy drinks all contain deep pigments called chromogens, which attach to the enamel of the teeth and cause stains.
· Lifestyle factors
Tobacco is a prime offender when it comes to stains, but medications can also be to blame if your teeth no longer look as white as they once did.
· Trauma
A direct impact to a tooth or several teeth can cause the affected teeth to change color.
· Age
Thinning enamel, which occurs as a result of age, can allow the dentin to be exposed, which makes teeth look darker.

Teeth whitening works by using hydrogen peroxide or carbamide peroxide to break stains down into smaller pieces, and reduce the concentration of the chromogen molecules. This allows your teeth to look brighter and whiter. We connect patients with a Los Angeles teeth whitening dentist in their area who can help them discover their brightest smiles.

Whitening is not necessarily right for all patients or all types of stains. An expert in teeth whitening in Los Angeles can help you determine if whitening will work for your teeth and find the right whitening procedure to help you achieve your desired shade. Most patients with healthy teeth and gums are candidates for whitening and can expect to enjoy dramatic results. Other whitening options may also be available.

Once you have achieved your desired shade, you can keep your smile looking its best with good dental hygiene. Brush and floss as recommended, and visit your dentist regularly for professional cleanings and checkups. Periodic whitening touch-ups may be needed to keep your smile its whitest. Contact us today to connect with a local expert in teeth whitening in Los Angeles.